Best Kush Strains To Spice Up Your Life A Bit Further

When it comes to picking from exquisite cannabis strains, you may get spoilt for choice. The variety can be astounding and new hybrid strains keep getting added with time.

However, seasoned cannabis lovers swear by the potency, effects, and flavor profile of the kush strains. The word Kush denotes the genetics of cannabis plants, of those originally cultivated in the Middle East. With time, hybrids of kush strains have also been developed.

Purple Kush

This is one old school Kush strain that is characterized by bright purple-colored flowers. This California-bred cultivar is made by mixing Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush.  The strain is known for a typically sweet, earthy flavor. The high it generates can be elevating.

OG Kush

OG Kush has shady genetics but that should not deter you from trying the strain. It has an electric mix of citrus, and earthy aromas. The effect can last for quite some time. It makes you feel relaxed, happy. However, keep in mind that the THC levels can cross 20%.

Bubba Kush

Its origin can be traced back to the 1990s. It was reportedly created by the unplanned cross-pollination of strains like Northern Lights and Afghan Kush. The earthy yet sweet flavor is enticing – to say the least.

Afghan Kush

It is one of the classic kush strains and the farms have used the strain to develop several other Kush hybrids. Afghan Kush is deemed as an Indica landrace strain, with roots in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The sour hash-like aroma and relaxing and euphoric effects offered by it are simply amazing.

Hindu Kush

This is another pure Indica landrace strain with roots in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The strain is known for a sweet and woody aroma. It gives you a sedative high. It also makes users happy and relaxed. The plants grow without much care and they are hardy.

Banana Kush

This strain has a mild banana flavor. It has a few variants as well. Apart from banana flavor, you may also get hints of citrus scent. It is light on your nerves and so it is deemed as beginner-friendly. You may get creative urges after using and feel relaxed too.

Critical Kush

A THC heavy strain, this contains just 1-2% of CBD. The fast-flowering hybrid is easy to harvest. You have to wait only for 2 months for flowering. The yield is high even in indoor cultivation.

Master Kush

This contains 15-18% of THC and so it can be used by beginners too. It was made by mixing strains like Skunk #1 and the Hindu Kush. The harvest time is 8-9 weeks in most instances. However, in humid environments, it may become susceptible to mold.

Power Kush

If you seek a Kush variant with the perfect balance of Sativa and Indica- that has to be Power Kush. The THC level is 15-16% in it. It needs only 7 weeks to reach the flowering stage. It is a strain that gives high yield in indoor as well as outdoor setups. The high it generates is succeeded by a body stoned effect.

King’s Kush

This Kush strain is made by using Grape and O.G. Kush. It works well with the ScrOG method. The dense frosty and green buds look enticing. The scent is both sour and sweet.

Lemon Kush

The fans of citrus flavor should opt for this Kush strain. It has a nice blend of Sativa and Indica. The uplifting Sativa kick will take you by surprise. However, you will not get a sweet citrus flavor in it. Instead, you get a slightly bitter lemony flavor. This variant works well when you use the hydroponics method and ScrOG.


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